Tony Bernardi


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Tony Bernardi is a writer, composer, artist, creative educator/director, and engineer. Bernardi's artistic and literary works center on the philosophy of Love, Presence of Spirit, and the Structure or Forms of Reality as represented in artistic expression. His writings, music, and artworks have been significantly influenced by contemporary spiritual teachings and reflect his passion for spiritual scholarship. He has published the literary work "Dialogues" and numerous albums of electronic and acoustic art music available on Amazon. He is also a Sr. Enterprise Architect at Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA.

Bernardi has produced several music albums, one of which was featured as a multimedia stage work in the 2006 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington DC. That album, "Slightly Uncomfortable", is based on the spiritual poetry and worldview of Marshall Stewart Ball, a young silent handicapped poet and close friend. His latest ambient music albums are two program suites; “Andrieus” which is based on the life of the apostle Andrew, and “Christmas Time”, six dramatic scenes from the story of Nativity. Bernardi’s music compositions are mostly through-composed, lyrical, atmospheric, and neo-baroque in style. His official catalogue consists of vocal and chamber music, music for stage, and ambient electronic music productions.

Bernardi’s first book, “Dialogues”, is a collection of 20 essays that chronicle a journey of spiritual discovery.  Born out of the dark night of the soul, this work takes the reader through a series of arguments with ghostly and sometimes dark aspects of life, but then opens to new perspectives that hold the promise of solace, understanding, and peace.  Bernardi’s scholarly study of the deuterocanical book of Tobit, the Gospel of John, and A Course in Miracles are the basis for his new full length novel “Tobias”, a work in progress since 2006. Set in biblical times, Tobias is a retelling of an ancient story that unlocks the mysteries of life for the son of a poor fisherman who struggles with Aquaphobia (fear of drowning) but is expected to enter his family trade.  Using the strong symbolism of water and inspiration from three seminal texts, this novel weaves a story of triumph over fear and the awakening of the limitless Self. Bernardi has also authored a book of aphorisms, a collection of wise reflections on how to love our world and heal our minds.

Bernardi intimately refers to his artworks as prayers.   These personal meditative expressions are often studies on the themes of his writing and music projects.  Growing up in a small Greek community in Iran, his art reflects influences of Greek iconography as well as traces of Persian calligraphy.  Varied in form and color they are romantic expressions that explore the emotional content of mystical themes.

Bernardi is a long time Course in Miracles student who incorporates this teaching in his daily life and work. He lectures on spiritual and metaphysical topics, facilitates study groups, and serves as a spiritual counselor. He also teaches music theory and composition.  Bernardi is a resident of Bethesda Maryland and the founder of HAP21, an art for peace organization that promotes artistic collaborations and peace awareness.