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A Collaborative Choreography performed at the Jack Guidone Theater in Washington DC on December 3rd, 2011
Title of the piece is " How Shall I Exist Tomorrow". The workshop  facilitators were Michelle Ava  & Jeffrey Strum and featured original music composed and produced by Tony Bernardi.

CREATE : A choreography workshop

Workshop facilitators: Choreographers Michelle Ava  & Jeffrey Strum 
Original Music Collaborator: Composer Tony Bernardi

Pictures from Tony Bernardi's Slightly Uncomfortable Multimedia Dance Work (July 2006) 

Some images from the premier of Tony Bernardi and Michelle Ava "Slightly Uncomfortable." Capital Fringe Festival, July 2006. Cavalry Baptist Church, Washington DC. Direction Concept and Choreography Tony Bernardi and Michelle Ava.  The Music here in not from the show,  The Show featured original electronic music composed and produced by Tony Bernardi,

An excerpt from the album "Andrieus" by Tony Bernardi (May 2009) 
This video features three excerpts from Tony Bernardi's new Album "Andrieus". This is ambient art music composed and performed by Tony Bernardi as part of a larger project called "Tobias".

An excerpt from the album "Christmas Time" by Tony Bernardi (October 2009) 
Three excerpts from Tony Bernardi's new Album "Christmas Time", an electronic art music suite composed and performed by Tony Bernardi. This music tells the Christmas story in 6 movements. This work is dedicated as a prayer for Peace Awareness in the year 2010. This album will be available for purchase Nov 2009.