Tony Bernardi

Gallery of Paintings

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Icarus Redeemed
Athens - Sep 2017 : Meditation on today's Greece - Fallen Icarus rises from the depth of centuries.

Angels in the Universal Wheel


No one wears shoes in Heaven
From the Collection of Mr. Ian Sebastian Puente (With Permission)

Grace Among Thorns
In the collection of Mrs. G. Kayvan
The Miracle of the Women in the Middle East

painted in 1988
A Prayer Painting for healing of my parental relationships

I am a Healing Light
Artist's Collection
A Prayer for Physical Healing

A Play of Light
Artist's Collection

Madona and Christ
Mr. & Mrs. R. Issaians Collection (by Permission)
A Prayer Painting for Transition

In Light
(Painted in October 2000)
A prayer painting for personal guidance and light

A Prayer for Personal Freedom
Artist's Collection
Early Watercolor


Last updated on January 14, 2009