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Photo by Ramin Farzaneh

This Brilliant New Day

God shines through a cloudy day
when no lights reflect hearts in decay;

Heartbroken in the valley of death and pain
we claim to care and cure, but sadly profane;

What use of our claim to care for the insane
when we let the dark in us remain?

Let us shine through, our love be the sun,
the valley needs now this brilliant new day.

Composed December 2007.
Rendition of a Prayer Tree Sculpture by T.Bernardi

Every Single Oak in Paradise
When the towering oaks fell,
My heart ablaze,
O comfort Lord
Thy beloved in passion;
When the innocent fell
In the midst of fire, tall,
Lift the souls of my brothers
In the halls where no one could call
Justice, but Truth knows all;
When I am afraid
Tell how He is there
With all the seedlings
That are the mighty oaks
In the fall, I know
That the fire burns all;
All my heart thus I give,
All that nothing else remains;
May His Comfort raise thee now
Every single oak in Paradise.
To the memory of all the fallen and raised in The Virginia Tech Tragedy of April 16, 2007 - composed on April 20, 2007.  This poem was published in the Fall 2007 Issue of Trellis Magazine.

Rendition of a Prayer Tree Sculpture - T. Bernardi


Enormous Purple Music

Let a symphony shine delirious visions through me
As love puts sweet man-ness from the summer sky
Into my fall rain;

I love the luscious water
As he swims
Like whispers from an essential need;

Chocolate chants the winter away and
Boy garden gifts dream the rose peach pink
And spray spring into me;



Lick the time
One thousand men moan
Some honey butter;

We live eternity
With a hot sweating urge
And beating death we sing
White light and soar
Like frantic forest friends
Lusting after life together;



I recall a moment in true tongue
As I play with
The black storming sea shadows
Wanting his gorgeous waxing blue moon
To lie by my red full sun
Sleepless on a cool lake;

So windy fiddle mist
Flood me please
Petal-dress blow easy
And do not sit still.


Poem composed January 18, 1999